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Guy Louis Nelson

E-mail fly(underscore)guy(at)gooieduck(dot)com

My Resume

Web Sites: you are here.

My tumblr- my sketch blog.

My flickr- I'll be posting my "dudes/dames that draw" pics here.

Google+- my Google+ page, follow me for more art! someday I may update this site.

Short Biography

Born 1974. Haven't died yet.

Favorite Artists/Cartoonists

In no particular order: Stan Sakai, Masume Shirow, Hiromu Arakawa, Adam Warren, Eiichiro Oda, Bill Watterson, Tite Kubo, Jeff Smith, Brian Lee O'Malley, Hiroaki Samura, Carl Barks, Dave Johnson, Osamu Tezuka.


Drawing, Comics, Video Games, Snowboarding, eating, sleeping, being a smart-ass, thinking about stuff...

Site Info

Guy Nelson's Unfinished Home Page is my spot to show off my drawings and comics. Yup, that's pretty much it.

All I can add is that, being that this is my site, all the stuff on it is © Guy Nelson (me) so unless it's a wallpaper or a link banner, don't take it without permission.

... what's that? You want to know why it is called my Unfinished home page? Well, I plan to continually add to it, and if I'm always adding, then I'm never finished...

Site Mascot Info

Gooie Duck was created based on my response to learning what a Geoduck was (for those that don't know, it's a crazy long-neck clam).

My response to that info I recived in my Washington State History class (7th Grade) was "That's not what a gooie duck looks like!" and I proceded to draw the "correct" image.

After that fateful day, Gooie Duck went on to star in over 40 issues of his own comics: "The Adventures of Gooie Duck", "Gooie Duck in Hell", "The Adventures of Gooie Duck (vol. 2)", "the Gooie Duck X-Mas special", and others.

If I ever find those comics I may post them on the site, but be forewarned: they ain't shakespeare. Each "issue" consisted of one 8 1/2 X 11 inch sheet of paper folded in half, featuring a cover and one whopping page of story... drawing those comics were a great way to waste time in class though...

Link Info

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