in association with Stupid Kiosk Comix presents...

the adventures of Angry Cat and Polkadot Chicken!

The fairly pointless hi-jinks of a disgruntled feline and a spotted fowl.

copyright © 2003 Guy Nelson

Angry Cat and Polkadot Chicken were created out of a profoundly epic fit of boredom. At the time I was working in a calendar store sometime in mid november.

Interesting fact: NOBODY is trying to buy a calendar till mid december.

So, I often found myself with absolutely nothing to do but draw. If Necessity is the mother of invention, than Boredom is invention's dead-beat Dad.

So, I randomly selected a couple characters from a previous doodle sheet (this comic could have starred Mustache Gorrila and the Cup-cake fiend) and started drawing.

Anyway, for being drawn (in most cases) in less than 1-2 hours, they turned out to be fairly entertaining (to me anyway), so I decided to give them a home on my website, along with a all-new web only adventure!